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Stemuli is a gaming company at the intersection of AI, education, and workforce development. We turn brands into metaversities while helping anyone navigate an intellectually and economically fulfilling career.

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Highlighting the positive usage of AI in education, workforce development, and the metaverse ⚡️

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Taylor Shead is a visionary founder pioneering the development of Stemuli, a generative gaming platform for continuous learning. Stemuli’s mission is to prepare individuals for the future by providing immersive career-connected learning experiences and personalized curriculum. To date, Taylor is the 94th black woman in the history of the world to raise over $1 Million in venture capital. D Magazine has recognized her as one of Dallas’ most influential CEOs of 2023. Under her guidance, Stemuli has been honored with the Transformation Award for EdTech by Forbes and the Yass Prize and named one of Unity’s Top 25 EdTech Applications. Backed by esteemed investors including Tim Draper, Google, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Slauson & Co, and Valor VC, Stemuli is poised to redefine education for generations to come. Taylor’s vision for Stemuli—to make education as engaging as video games—demonstrates her innovative approach to learning, making her a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the intersection of AI, education, and workforce development.


Black Woman to raise over $1M in venture funding


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