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Texoma Semiconductor Tech Hub

– the largest tech hub in the United States by geography, population, and consortium members

We are the proud digital learning partner for the Texoma Semiconductor Tech Hub led by SMU and 50 other organizations as we propel North Texas towards becoming the largest manufacturer of Semiconductors in the world. Our collaborative efforts aim to foster innovation, commercialization, and workforce development across 29 counties serving 8,5000,000 people in the region. In collaboration with SMU, industry partners, and fellow tech hub consortium members we will deliver an interactive and digital assessment platform to act as a compass as community members navigate the steps needed to prepare for careers in Semiconductor manufacturing. 

The main goal of this digital platform is to ensure every community member across rural, urban, tribal, and suburban districts have unencumbered access to digital learning and training opportunities. Through this partnership, significant outcomes such as driving innovation, accelerating commercialization, and empowering students from diverse backgrounds have already begun to emerge, addressing workforce shortages and promoting economic growth in the region. Moving forward, our partnership will continue to expand educational opportunities, foster innovation, and strengthen industry-academic partnerships to ensure sustained growth and competitiveness in the global market, positioning North Texas as a leader in critical technology sectors. 

About Tech Hubs 

A Tech Hubs Designation is an endorsement of a region’s plans to supercharge their respective technological industry to create jobs and strengthen U.S. economic and national security. 

The 52- member Texoma Semiconductor Innovation Consortium, the only hub designated in Texas, is eligible to compete for up to $75 million in funding through The CHIPS and Science Act, signed into law in August 2022. 

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Central Location, Robust Transportation Network

The Texoma Semiconductor Tech Hub offers a semiconductor manufacturing model that geographically consolidates the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain – from bare wafers to products.

“Tech Hubs are supercharging our existing innovation foundations, bringing together our premier research institutions with world class companies to create good-paying jobs in these communities, and ensuring the technological advances that define the next century are made in communities across America.”


— Gina Raimondo U.S. Secretary of Commerce