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Dallas ISD

– 140,000 learners, 2nd largest school district in Texas

We co-designed and launched the country’s first educational metaverse turning school into a video game with Dallas ISD in August of 2021. Notably, this was 30 days before Facebook changed their name to Meta.

During the first year of our program we received key feedback from Teachers, Students, and Parents that included:

1. a) Teachers did not want to design lesson plans everyday and asked us to add a curriculum library to our platform.

b) Teachers reported that students had never been so engaged in coursework and frequently asked for more homework so they could earn more points to enhance their avatars.

2) Students stated they wanted more functionality built into the 3D game world;

3) Parents loved that students were engaged in their education, but wanted to see data to understand what their kids were learning in the game. 

Platform Evolution:

To address students’ desire to spend more time in the 3D world, not a 3D classroom, we developed a quest system driven by AI that would help them interact with avatars, explore the world and gather gems, STEMbucks, and trading cards. We are continuing to build AI-driven immersive learning experiences. 


In light of the feedback from parents and teachers, we acquired the source code for a technology called the GPS of learning. This technology enabled us to provide real-time data on what students were learning on our platform and the technology enabled us to provide curriculum to teachers from 2nd – 12th grade focused on math, science, and ELA. Lastly, this technology enabled us to provide 7 data dashboards to provide teachers, parents, counselors, tutors, principals, and district administration access to real-time data on what each individual student was learning.

Our “aha” moment:

The “aha moment” that fueled our company’s creation was when we helped Dallas ISD start P-TECH across 18 high schools. At this time, we realized that although the district had done a phenomenal job in recruiting industry partners, most of these partners were only partners on paper because of their lack of human resources to engage with students. We then recognized that if we were to build Dallas in a video game and allow any fortune 500 company to build digital headquarters in our world, we could utilize avatars and AI to help provide internships and apprenticeships for thousands of students at scale.