The future of education is here.
We provide personalized and differentiated instruction that is engaging for every learner
at scale. Here’s how:

AI-driven Personalized Learning Pathways 

Learning goals and content are customizable by your organization and students’ needs.

The learner’s journey is unique to them and is continually evolving in response to their needs.

When learners reach their destination, they are academically proficient and ready for the workforce.

Immersive 3D
Virtual Smart City

Within the platform, users can socialize and collaborate with other students, become entrepreneurs, and earn digital tokens by completing internships and academic quests.

Engagement soars as students participate in live learning events and explore all the resources the city has to offer as they complete learning quests.

Game-Based Learning

Our goal is to leverage game-based learning to prepare kids to pass Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. Within our virtual biotech lab, students learn how multiplying and exponents correlates with growing food cells.

Students improve their communication and collaboration skills by interacting with quirky principal investigator, competitive peers, and analytical researchers.

As students earn digital money for learning, they receive digital paychecks that are deposited it in their Stem City Bank accounts. Teaching kids how to build generational wealth is woven into the DNA of our game. 


Career Exploration and Simulation

Students can explore different careers and select a customized pathway tailored to their interests.

They can discover and apply for real job opportunities in the game and use their learning data to take their resume to the next level.

Learn to Earn

Students can earn rewards and achievement badges as they complete learning quests and improve their skills.

Then, they can use those rewards to enhance the in-game experience by upgrading their avatar, creating new products to sell to friends, decorating their in-game apartment, buy custom emotes and more.